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Our new dancers classes are an introduction to Scottish country dancing during a programme through the term arranged by our teaching team of RSCDS trained dance teachers. During the classes you can:

  • practise the basic steps for fast and slow dances

  • learn formations that make up dances

  • try out the steps and formations in easy dances

  • take the floor for fast jigs and reels, and slow strathspeys

  • dance with our experienced dancers in the classes

  • join us for social dancing after the evening classes.

You don't need to bring a partner, there's always someone to dance with. Come along in comfortable clothes that let you move easily, and bring soft flat-soled shoes to dance in.  Most dancers soon find that the typical dance shoes we use, or split sole dance trainers, are more comfortable, make it more fun and help you dance better.  

Contact us about our classes for new dancers

6.45pm to 8pm

New dancers classes  

To see example content from our  New Dancers Classes click here

Click here to see how we create an enjoyable environment for all dancers.

You'll be dancing from the very first evening!

Thursday evenings

Wendover Memorial Hall, Wharf Road, Wendover HP22 6HF  

Let us know you are coming, contact 

Liz Mitchell 07947 000368 or email

A little bit about Scottish country dancing
Scottish country dancing is the social dancing of Scotland, but you don’t need to be a Scot to find your feet tapping to the rhythms of the jigs, reels and strathspeys. The dancing is fun and can be energetic – it’s a great way to keep fit, meet new people and no-one is left sitting on the side lines!

Dancers, typically 3, 4 or 5 couples, arranged in two lines, or in a square, dance a sequence of formations. Take a look at the video below and see how its done!

Miss Lucy Clark (a 32 bar reel for three couples in a four-couple longwise set) written for our founder 'Lucy' by Valerie Farr.

The weekly new dancers' class is relaxed and provides valuable foot work and formation practice.


Sylvia B

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