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The Club is named after Lucy Clark, an enthusiastic member of the Royal Scottish Country Dance Society, a professional teacher of Scottish country dancing and an accomplished accordion player.  She taught Scottish dancing in schools in Rickmansworth, Beaconsfield and High Wycombe and held classes for adults and children throughout the area.  In 1954 she started her own class at the Royal British Legion Hall in Amersham.

Lucy demonstrated footwork and dance figures while playing her accordion, which also provided music for the class. So that her dancers could experience dancing without instruction she introduced monthly Saturday night dances to a live band, attracting upwards of 100 enthusiasts. When Lucy died in 1966, her dancers renamed the club after her.

Tribute 1 to Lucy Clark - Bucks Advertiser 7 July 1966

Lucy Clark tribute 1966.jpg

Tribute 2 to Lucy Clark - Bucks Examiner 8 July1966

Lucy Clark SCDC - the club is renamed after Lucy 8 July 1966

A brief history of the club after Lucy to May 1985

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