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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a partner?   NO.  You don’t need a partner. Just a desire to get some vigorous exercise while listening to great music and having fun.  We change partners for each dance so you’re unlikely to be left sitting out.

Is it physical?   YES.  Like most types of dancing SCD can be quite a workout.  We encourage warming up before dance sessions and stretching afterwards.  SCD can improve your balance and posture as well as maintaining mental and aerobic fitness.

Do I need special shoes? NO.  Most dancers wear soft leather dance shoes designed specifically for dancing, but new dancers should wear enclosed comfortable shoes with a flat, soft non-slip sole. To avoid injury we request no sandals or high heels be worn.  Details of dance shoe suppliers can be found on the ‘Links’ page.

Do I have to study for years before I can dance?  NO.  The basic technique can be learned at our dance classes.  Several day schools are also available in the local area throughout the year.

Must I learn dances by heart?  NO.  It's better to know the steps and formations that make up the dances and at our social evenings all dances are recapped and walked through before the music starts.

How many dances are there?  Lots, but you don't need to learn them by heart as each dance is made up of a few popular formations which you'll learn at our club. Jigs and reels use basically three different dance steps and strathspeys use two.

Do I have to wear a kilt?  NO.  Men who are used to wearing the kilt find it comfortable for dancing, but many men dance in trousers.  Women need only to wear clothes in which they can move easily.

Lochnagar (a 32 bar reel for three couples in a four-couple longwise set)

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